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D'Bridge is an MS-DOS mailer for Fidonet and Fidonet Technology Networks.

Contains a mailer, BinkD Subsystem, tosser/scanner, editor, nodelist compiler, modem terminal, TIC processor and event scheduler.

It is one of the oldest developed and one of the first to handle all aspects of Fidonet in one package.

Select Standard Edition which supports *.MSG and Hudson/QuickBBS, or GoldBase if you run software that uses that format.

Refer to the README file for system requirements. If you are upgrading be sure to read the latest Release Notes

DB4.TXT05/18/2023719bD'Bridge 4 release notes
DB4G.ZIP05/18/20232680kD'Bridge 4 GoldBase Edition
DB4S.ZIP05/18/20232680kD'Bridge 4 Standard Edition
DBRIDGE.TXT02/21/2023550kD'Bridge user manual (also in the F1-Help screens)
HISTORY.TXT05/18/2023578kRelease note history
README!.TXT08/09/202214kNotes for newcomers installing for the first time

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