The Nodelist is the “glue” that holds the network together, similar to a telephone directory of names and numbers. The Nodelist is used by your Fidonet software to determine how to contact another system. Your Fidonet mailer usually comes with a “Nodelist compiler” to process these files.

The Zone 1 “Dailylist”, is the Fidonet Nodelist published daily from Zone 1. There are no differentials involved (NodeDIFF files), so this is an easy way to ensure the Nodelist is current for your Fidonet mailer software. If you prefer the traditional Zone 1 weekly Nodelist with differentials, please see the Nodelist and NodeDIFF pages.

Please note that all Zone 1 Nodelists have embedded “watermarks” to ensure authenticity and proper publishing schedule.

Filename / LinkSize
Z1DAILY.Z9951.07 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z9851.03 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z9751 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z9651.01 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z9551 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z9451.01 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z9351.03 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z9251.03 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z9151.03 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z9051.03 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8951.03 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8851.03 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8751.04 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8651.04 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8551.04 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8451.04 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8351.04 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8251.03 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8151.03 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z8051.02 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7951.08 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7851.08 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7750.94 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7651.21 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7551.21 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7451.27 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7351.28 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7251.3 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7151.3 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z7051.29 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6951.36 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6851.36 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6751.34 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6651.26 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6551.24 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6451.24 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6351.23 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6251.23 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6151.24 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z6051.23 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5951.27 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5851.24 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5751.24 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5651.24 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5551.24 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5451.23 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5351.23 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5251.2 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5151.2 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z5051.18 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4951.18 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4851.18 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4751.22 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4651.22 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4551.22 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4451.23 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4351.21 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4251.22 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4151.22 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z4051.22 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3951.36 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3851.38 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3751.38 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3651.38 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3551.35 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3451.41 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3351.41 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3251.41 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3151.44 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z3051.44 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2951.44 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2851.45 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2751.45 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2651.46 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2551.45 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2451.42 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2351.39 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2251.34 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2151.34 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z2051.31 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1951.32 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1851.31 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1751.31 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1651.29 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1551.35 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1451.35 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1351.35 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1251.35 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1151.35 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z1051.35 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0951.35 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0851.86 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0751.86 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0651.86 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0551.86 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0451.86 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0351.89 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0251.95 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0151.87 Kb
Z1DAILY.Z0051.87 Kb