The Nodelist is the “glue” that holds the network together, similar to a telephone directory of names and numbers. The Nodelist is used by your Fidonet software to determine how to contact another system. Your Fidonet mailer usually comes with a “Nodelist compiler” to process these files.

The weekly Zone 1 Nodelist is the “traditional” list to install for your Fidonet software. Please note that only Zone 1 differential files (NodeDIFF) should be applied. You may not mix and match differential files from other Zones. You may wish to consider using the Zone 1 Daily Nodelist for a daily-refreshed Nodelist which does not use differentials.

Please note that all Zone 1 Nodelists have embedded “watermarks” to ensure authenticity and proper publishing schedule.

Filename / LinkSize
NODELIST.Z6051.23 Kb
NODELIST.Z5351.23 Kb
NODELIST.Z4651.22 Kb
NODELIST.Z3951.36 Kb
NODELIST.Z3251.41 Kb
NODELIST.Z2551.45 Kb
NODELIST.Z1851.32 Kb
NODELIST.Z1151.35 Kb
NODELIST.Z0451.86 Kb
NODELIST.Z9751.82 Kb
NODELIST.Z9051.77 Kb
NODELIST.Z8351.78 Kb
NODELIST.Z7651.76 Kb
NODELIST.Z6251.71 Kb
NODELIST.Z5551.63 Kb
NODELIST.Z4851.46 Kb
NODELIST.Z4151.35 Kb
NODELIST.Z3451.18 Kb
NODELIST.Z2750.87 Kb
NODELIST.Z2050.88 Kb
NODELIST.Z1350.72 Kb
NODELIST.Z0650.46 Kb
NODELIST.Z9950.69 Kb
NODELIST.Z9250.52 Kb
NODELIST.Z8550.73 Kb
NODELIST.Z7850.67 Kb
NODELIST.Z7150.57 Kb
NODELIST.Z6450.63 Kb
NODELIST.Z5750.43 Kb
NODELIST.Z5050.57 Kb
NODELIST.Z4350.58 Kb
NODELIST.Z3650.67 Kb
NODELIST.Z2950.56 Kb
NODELIST.Z2250.51 Kb
NODELIST.Z1550.47 Kb
NODELIST.Z0850.34 Kb
NODELIST.Z0150.34 Kb
NODELIST.Z9451.06 Kb
NODELIST.Z8051.38 Kb
NODELIST.Z7351.36 Kb
NODELIST.Z5951.29 Kb
NODELIST.Z5251.26 Kb
NODELIST.Z4551.27 Kb
NODELIST.Z3151.26 Kb
NODELIST.Z2451.24 Kb
NODELIST.Z1751.29 Kb
NODELIST.Z1051.23 Kb
NODELIST.Z0351.17 Kb
NODELIST.Z6151.15 Kb
NODELIST.Z5450.87 Kb
NODELIST.Z4751.31 Kb
NODELIST.Z3351.05 Kb
NODELIST.Z2651.03 Kb
NODELIST.Z1950.92 Kb
NODELIST.Z1250.74 Kb
NODELIST.Z0550.74 Kb
NODELIST.Z9850.96 Kb
NODELIST.Z9150.91 Kb
NODELIST.Z8450.97 Kb
NODELIST.Z7750.81 Kb
NODELIST.Z6350.86 Kb
NODELIST.Z5650.94 Kb
NODELIST.Z4951.16 Kb
NODELIST.Z4251.18 Kb
NODELIST.Z3550.64 Kb
NODELIST.Z2850.52 Kb
NODELIST.Z2150.51 Kb
NODELIST.Z1450.57 Kb
NODELIST.Z0750.44 Kb
NODELIST.Z0050.45 Kb
NODELIST.Z9350.56 Kb
NODELIST.Z8650.58 Kb
NODELIST.Z7250.59 Kb
NODELIST.Z6550.64 Kb
NODELIST.Z5850.54 Kb
NODELIST.Z5150.56 Kb
NODELIST.Z4450.42 Kb
NODELIST.Z3750.42 Kb
NODELIST.Z3050.37 Kb
NODELIST.Z2350.44 Kb
NODELIST.Z0950.87 Kb
NODELIST.Z0250.99 Kb
NODELIST.Z9551.96 Kb
NODELIST.Z8852.43 Kb
NODELIST.Z8152.88 Kb
NODELIST.Z7452.93 Kb
NODELIST.Z6753.03 Kb