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Usually this is a repository for lists of BBS's compiled by the Telnet BBS Guide.

Just a sample of the much larger collection on Darkrealms, one of the oldest Renegade BBS's running today.

IBBS0523.ZIP05/03/20231432kODD: BBS Lists (telnet, dial-up, or both)
IBBS0423.ZIP04/01/20231396kODD: BBS Lists (telnet, dial-up, or both)
IBBS0323.ZIP03/03/20231400kODD: BBS Lists (telnet, dial-up, or both)
IBBS0223.ZIP02/02/20231399kODD: BBS Lists (telnet, dial-up, or both)
IBBS0123.ZIP01/16/20231395k= The Telnet & Dial-Up BBS Guide - 01/23 =

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