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Stuff that might be useful to someone out there... ya never know.

Just a sample of the files on Darkrealms, one of the oldest MS-DOS Renegade boards.

adguard.apk12/03/202237661kAd blocker for Android OS devices
AlbumArtDownloaderXUI-1.02.exe08/18/2017876kDownloads artwork for injecting into MP3's
AmoK_Playlist_Copy_v2.06_(Setup).exe11/27/2021776kCopies playlist files and referenced items
apc_hw02_aos373_sumx372.exe05/06/20201680kUtility for upgrading APC SmartUPS daughterboard firmware
ARC.EXE02/22/202263kThe infamous ARC compress/decompress util
AutoLogon.rar12/06/2020419kAutomatically login to Windows computers, should work on all versions of Windows
BlackBerryOS4.x-7.x_RingTones_as_m4a.zip03/11/20189466kYes, its all the Blackberry ringtones in M4A format... ahh, memories
blokada-v4.15.0.apk12/03/202210543kAd blocker for Android and Amazon Fire TV sticks
bp7.7z05/25/201811932kFloppy images for Borland Paradox
BRU_setup_3.4.4.0.exe03/16/202310653kBulk-rename files in Windows, freeware, very nice!
BulkFileChanger.rar02/28/202275kChanges the date/timestamp of any file/directory
burrrn_package.rar02/04/20172057kSimple ISO image burner if you think others are too bloated
ccsetup552.exe02/03/201918888kCcleaner 5.5.2, old now I think
cleanup_tool.exe06/24/2014291kTotally removes all Dot-net installs from Windows, very handy
copym3u.exe10/11/202034kI wrote this to copy MP3's to another dir from a M3U playlist
cpuz_w9x.rar02/28/20221075kThe infamous CPU info program for Windows
delold.exe02/10/202033kI wrote this to delete all but the X oldest file in a directory
depends22_x86.zip12/08/2017596kI think this shows Windows file dependancies and DLL's
diskmon.zip08/18/202247kVery nice freeware tray-icon showing free space on C. Needs VBRUN 5
DLighterSetup.exe08/15/2022810kDesktop Lighter 1.4; for Thinkpad's with replacement HD screens
dosidle210.zip06/09/201928kShould give up timeslices for MS-DOS running on Vmware EXSI
eaexchdomainkeys.exe03/10/20232582kAdds DomainKeys to Exchange Server, very nice
ep_setup.exe06/18/20221782kExplorerPatcher, can make Windows 11 look like Windows 10. I didn't like it.
FileZilla_3.27.1_win32-setup.exe08/22/20177480kFileZilla 3.27, the old familiar FTP client
FINDTHIS.EXE03/26/202237kCreates Findthis.!!! if the specified text in Findthis.txt exists.
guiformat.exe02/06/202376kExcellent Windows utility to format large USB devices as FAT32
gwave570.exe08/23/20177964kGoldwave 5.70, audio recording software, awesome
HandBrake-1.4.2-x86_64-Win_GUI.exe10/19/202115907kHandbrake 1.4.2
HijackThis.exe05/06/2020213kHijackthis, a lifesaver for debugging slow Windows PC's
hMailServer-5.6.7-B2425.exe01/25/20184016kHmailserver 5.6.7, very nice Windows SMTP/POP3/IMAP server
IDTE.rar02/28/20224161kI think this changes MP3 ID tags and injects album artwork
IMAPCopy.rar11/02/2016102kVery nice command-line util for manipulating Imap mailboxes
IncludeAnyInLibrary.exe06/17/201011kAdds your own paths/folders to the "Libraries" of a Windows user profile, very handy
iosdrivers.zip01/14/20223550kApple Itunes drivers for Windows 10. If it doesn't work... then Itunes sucks
IPC_TVS_V1.7.25.bin02/18/20143456kPretty sure its the last firmware for the Tenvis JPT3815W camera
ipscan221.rar08/16/2017103kAngry IP scanner 2.21
JR.DRV02/22/20201kTandy 2500-series audio driver for Sierra On-line games
KEYRATE.CMD01/27/202027bChanges the keyboard repeat-rate at the commandline
LHA.EXE06/29/201833kLHA, handles LZH files
LTSC-Add-MicrosoftStore-master.zip04/27/202172181kAdds the Windows Store to Windows LTSC builds
MAILPV.rar09/17/201958kReveals the Outlook email password, should work on all versions of Office
makehtml.exe03/02/202287kI wrote it for quick-n-dirty HTML file lists... uhh, like this one
mariadb-10.0.14-win32.msi11/13/201680164kMariaDB SQL database server 10.0.14
MaxCPU.zip05/18/2021293kPurposely maxes-out the CPU usage, handy for testing hardware
MBBS.RAR07/04/2021636201kI think its a collection of MajorBBS/Worldgroup stuff
MBS.EXE11/02/1999396kMessage Base Studio, another Fido debugger tool, very nice
mn345d16.zip09/09/2021168kMakeNL 3.45 for MS-DOS, builds nodelists from Fidonet segments
mn345src.zip09/09/2021217kMakeNL 3.45 source code
mTCP_2020-03-07.pdf01/17/2022744kInstructions for the MTCP Internet stack
mTCP_2020-03-07.zip01/17/2022614kMTCP Internet stack implementation for MS-DOS, very nice
MyDefrag-v4.3.1.rar02/04/20171683kMyDefrag 4.3.1, a must-have replacement for Windows Defrag
MyMediaForAlexa. your MP3 collection on Amazon government-listening devices. Yay!
ne2000.zip01/17/202210kShould be generic NE2000 packet drivers for MS-DOS
NetFx20SP1_x86.exe05/10/202324178kDot Net runtime for Windows XP
network-activity-indicator-setup-64.zip05/04/2017445kNetwork Activity Monitor 64-bit, adds the net activity icon back to Windows
network-activity-indicator-setup.zip05/04/2017438kNetwork Activity Monitor 32-bit, adds the net activity icon back to Windows
Newton.m4r11/07/202170kNewton from the 1960's Hercules cartoons "Sufferin' Psyche" ringtone
NTBACKUP.rar02/28/2022681kStuff I used to script with NTBACKUP for handling Full/Diff scenario
ntvdmx64.7z07/17/20192086kAdds MS-DOS/NTVDM support to 64-bit Windows 10. Untested but should work.
Oh-my-god.m4r01/14/202224kGordon Ramsay "OH MY GOD" ringtone. Assign to your work contacts?
OpenTFTPServerMTInstallerV1.66.exe04/23/2022170kA freeware TFTP server for Windows
pebuilder3110a.rar02/04/20173212kMakes a Windows PE install, I think its like that old N-lite util
PKTVIEW.EXE07/22/199419kView/debug Fidonet raw PKT files
PKUNPAK.EXE04/05/202014kThe Phil Katz version of Un-ARC, I think
PKUNZIP.EXE02/22/202233kPKUNZIP 2.04 for MS-DOS
PKZIP.EXE02/22/202249kPKZIP 2.04G for MS-DOS
ProcessExplorer.zip09/13/20161240kDebug Windows processes, very nice, a must-have for ANY tech
putty.exe06/14/2016518kVery simple SSH/socket client for Windows, a must have
Restore_Windows_Photo_Viewer_CURRENT_USER.reg03/30/20213kRestores Photo Viewer on Windows 10 LTSC and Server 2016/2019/2022
rg0511f.zip02/15/2016343kRenegade 05-11 full install (then apply 98101 and Y2kA2)
rgd98101.zip01/10/2021309kRenegade 98-101D
Rgy2ka2.zip09/11/2016425kRenegade Y2KA2, what runs on Darkrealms, ask me for my fixes
RGY2KSRC.ZIP06/14/2011423kRenegade Y2KA2 source code, untouched, compiles with Turbo Pascal 7
rmclock_235_bin.exe05/06/2018571kRightmark CPU Clock utility, some sort of CPU event scheduler
royale_noir.zip09/26/2020403kThe hard-to-find Royale Noire theme for Windows XP. Awesome!
rufus-3.8p.exe02/11/20201112kManipulates .ISO installation media to USB memory sticks
SecurityMonitorPro.exe02/13/202252483kSecurity Monitor Pro, excellent IP camera/Webcam software
Server2016PhotoviewerFix.rar08/02/20199kAnother fix for missing Photo Viewer on Windows 10 LTSC
SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe04/29/20083029kImgBurn, a nice .ISO burner for Windows
setupNTP.exe08/20/20157429kNTP time client for Windows
SLBBS.rar02/04/201718617kSearchlight BBS stuff. Spinnaker Web Server requires Borland Paradox.
SPACEMONGER.exe10/11/2002200kDisplays a very nice expandable graph of drive usage, a must have!
SpamAssassinForWindows-Setup-x86.exe08/17/202110136kSpamAssassin for Windows, kindof goes with Hmailserver
ssacli- HP CLI module for Vmware 6, I forget
SubtitlesSynchSetup-1842.exe07/25/201977kSync subtitles in video files
Surround_test.avi12/31/202114678kSimple video file to test your home theatre. Dolby AC3 5.1/Surround/Prologic/etc
SURROUND_TEST_H264.mp406/11/20227583kSame as Surround_test.avi but recoded in H264 format
SyslogServer-1.2.3-win32.exe03/11/20172187kSome Syslog daemon for Windows
Syslog_Test_Message_Utility.zip03/11/201714kAnother Syslog thing, I think its for testing
TANDY.rar10/07/2022104481kComplete mirror of Tvdog's Tandy 1000 files/schematics/utilities
TANDYXL.DRV05/08/20224kTandy 2500-series audio driver for Sierra On-line games
TBBS.rar07/15/202396892kMirror of the goodies from www.tbbs.org
timeout.exe07/25/202075kI wrote this for XP to clone the Timeout command in Windows Vista/7
TPPATCH.EXE12/14/20105kPatches Turbo Pascal runtime error 200 problems
Unlocker1.9.2.exe08/31/20181053kNice program that shows what locked a Windows file
urlscan_v31_x86.msi03/05/2017347kI forget, I think its an IIS URL rewriter module
USB56K.rar11/05/202061882kDrivers for various dirt-cheap USB dialup modem adapters
vb5run.zip08/18/2022681kVisual Basic 5 runtime, needed for the Diskmon utility
vdk.zip06/03/2020118kAnother virtual floppy driver program
vmscsi- think its SCSI drivers for installing old Windows on Vmware
VMware-Tools-10.0.12-legacy-4448496.zip12/08/2020125086kVmware Tools for "legacy" Windows OS's
vmware.reg03/12/20181kFixes for Windows VM's that do not display the Vmware Tools icon
VobBlanker_2130_exe.rar07/23/20161356kDebugs dual-layer DVD images; specifically the "layer switchover"
VSOUPSRC.ZIP02/04/200997kC/C++ source code for Vsoup 95/NT Usenet client software
WAV.EXE04/03/200021kPlays WAV files from the Windows command prompt... "more cowbell"
WHATDATE.EXE12/29/201017kWhat date is it, I wrote it for MS-DOS batch files
WHATTIME.EXE12/29/201017kWhat time is it, I wrote it for MS-DOS batch files
Win32OpenSSL_Light-1_0_2h.rar02/04/20171820kOpenSSL for Windows
winima90.exe04/15/2018729kManipulates floppy images on Windows
WinMount_free_x64.exe06/03/20203984kI forget, I think its another floppy image tool
winrar-x64-550.exe08/18/20172168kWinRAR 5.50 64-bit
WinSCP-5.17.10-Portable.zip05/06/20218868kWinSCP 5.17.10
WinSCP-5.19.5-Setup.exe01/20/202211568kWinSCP 5.19.5
WinUpdates.zip01/12/20234kVery nice script that sends Email when Windows updates are available
wrar550.exe08/18/20171950kWinRAR 5.50 32-bit
XSCR.rar11/02/20181kAutomation scripts for the VSO ConvertX software
ZTELSRV.ZIP03/02/2022136kZoob Telnet Server, should run on all versions of Windows

Copyright (c) 1994 - Nick J. Andre, Ltd.